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Yoga for constipation – Yoga Teacher Training India

Yoga for constipation – Yoga Teacher Training India


Yoga for constipation – Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga has many benefits. Yoga has many benefits, from reducing depression after pregnancy to helping patients with heart diseases. Yoga gives some benefit to every part of the body from your toes to your head. And yes, this includes your stomach. The most common cause of constipation, gas, and other stomach troubles can be linked to our unhealthy, fast-paced lifestyles. Poor eating, stress, and busy routines can appear in your digestive system in the form of hard stools (or diarrhoea) or constipation.


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How yoga is beneficial in constipation

Yoga can help reduce all such digestive troubles and discomforts. Yoga relieves constipation in two ways: Firstly, it helps to manage your stress response, which can greatly improve the functioning of your digestive system. As you probably know, you are more likely to be “blocked” when you are under stress. In such a situation meditation and pranayama give many benefits. The second way in which the digestive system benefits is through those yogasanas that massage the digestive organs, increasing blood and oxygen flow. Because of this, it is easy for the excreta to come out of your digestive system. Doing yoga regularly is very beneficial for a healthy bowel. So let us know which Yogasanas relieve constipation.

Balasan is a treatment for constipation

In balasan your entire body gets rest. It not only reduces constipation but also helps in reducing fatigue. Do the balasana for 1-2 minutes.


Sleep matsyandrasana asana is beneficial for constipation

Sleeping Matsyendrasana is very easy and very beneficial for constipation because it stimulates your stomach and intestines. Do this asana for 1-2 minutes.


Ardh Matsyendrasana Asana is beneficial for constipation

Your body is also folded in Ardh Matsyendrasana, due to which the effluents are released from your stomach and the digestive system is improved. Do this asana for 1-2 minutes.

Ardh Matsyendrasana

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Pawanmuktasan will help in the treatment of constipation

The name Pawanmuktasan itself suggests that it helps in removing the gas from your stomach and relieves constipation. Perform Pawanmuktasana for 1 minute.


Circumcision trikonasana will benefit in the treatment of constipation

Circumcision trikonasana

In circumcision trikonasana, your torso is even more folded. This has a good effect on your digestive organs and relieves constipation. Do this asana for 1 minute.

After circumcision trikonasana, you can also do circumcision lateral circumcision. It also helps in relieving constipation. Do circumcision paroxysmal for 1 minute.

Shavasan will benefit in the treatment of constipation

In Shavasana, your body is in the most comfortable position. Do it after your yoga practice. Let it be done for 5-10 minutes.


Keep these things in mind:

  • Remember that you get relief from yoga practice only after continuous practice and get it slowly.
  • To not increase joint pain with yoga, take the help of such things like the help of objects, pillows and other devices that support the body during exercise.
  • Do not stress more than your physical ability. If the pain increases, stop practising yoga immediately and consult a doctor.


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