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Time for yoga – it is never too late – Yoga Teacher Training

Time for yoga – it is never too late – Yoga Teacher Training


Time for yoga – it is never too late – Yoga Teacher Training

When is the time for yoga? Or maybe there is a time when it is too late to start yoga? My name is Iza, I am 47 years old this year. My adventure with the yoga path began when I was 43 years old.


When is it too late to start Yoga in Rishikesh?

Remember, don’t be persuaded that it’s too late! You can start playing sports, learn Chinese, physics or play the violin. You can start a new study, write a book, or maybe … start a yoga practice. It is widely believed that yoga is almost acrobatic exercises only for athletes. Nothing could be more wrong. Of course, the most difficult positions can be performed by the most efficient. However, it is assumed to primarily serve health by performing simple, body-improving physical, breathing and relaxation exercises.

First of all, exercise gently, in harmony with your own body and harmony with the breath. Gentle exercises, adapted to the capabilities of a given person, will make “yoga therapy” beautifully fit into life at any age. Perhaps many people will tell you that it will fail. Most people are afraid of bold goals and change. Even if you take up a new challenge after 40 years, you are over 30-40 years old. Don’t you dare to change something for the better in your life?


Remember – You are “Here and Now” and you rule here

Yoga initiated a kind of change in me and I feel good with it. I treat it as a kind of therapy, not only for physical limitations but also for accepting myself as I am, with all the pros and cons, possibilities and limitations. Yoga helped me believe in myself and my abilities.


As time passes, in addition to participating in classes, “invited” me to dive deeper. I read a lot, tried to understand as much as what asanas give us and how much they are related to breathing, and why we need relaxation. Ever since I got it I jump on the mat every day. There is no yoga school in my town and the classes are run by the instructor only once a week. On other days I practice at home. Time for yoga is when you just find the right time in your life to start or follow it.

And nothing difficult about it …

Just look for good sequences, which are many on the Internet. Depending on the mood, strength and possibilities, you can choose the level of sophistication, from easy to very difficult, from short to over an hour. This is a wonderful proposition for every day you wake up.

It has become my ideal solution, and the sequences contained there complimented the days when there were no classes with the instructor. And so, step by step, day by day, putting your feet on the mat – overcomes your weaknesses.

When at the beginning I practised very carefully and once a week, a “tiny” hour under the guidance of a yoga instructor, I treated the practice as a therapy for aching (after 8 hours of sitting at the computer) spine. It turned out that it works well because the neck and lumbar pains are gone! I noticed that, in addition to the fact that the back pain subsided, there was more flexibility in my body, and my leg strength increased, which I noticed immediately on cross-country skiing during the first winter.

I thought – how cool it works

And today my son, when he sees me in a worse mood, laughing says: “Hey mom jump on the mat and stand on your head, and your mood will improve”, I know that this is a noticeable change in ourselves, which is also seen by others. Probably no one will jump on the mat on the first day and will not stand on their heads, but one day such a day may occur. I would like to encourage everyone to take up the challenge and give each other love, because yoga, which we invite to our own lives, will give us energy, the joy of life and above all health. Work with breath, the body is the best medicine that we can prescribe for ourselves.

Is it too late for yoga? No, it’s never too late !!!


Editor Team

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