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Preparation for Twine or Hanumanasana – YTT India

Preparation for Twine or Hanumanasana – YTT India


Preparation for Twine or Hanumanasana – YTT India

Hanumanasana, or twine, is a difficult position, belonging to the category of asanas intimidating and often remaining in the zone of dreams. This asana requires flexibility in the back and front of the legs and open hips.

The ili-lumbar muscle is often a problem, which, when not elastic enough, blocks the possibility of splitting for a long time. Even if you are not able to do this asana yet, practice the preparation positions and enjoy the path you can travel. Remember to warm up! Before you start preparing for the split, do Surya Namaskar A and B several times.

Step 1: Anjaneyasana – we open the hips

This position perfectly extends the front of the body. The work is directed to “psoas” or iliac-lumbar muscle. Start with the dog head down, lift your right leg up and place your foot between your hands. Lower your knee to the floor. In this position, for more efficient work of the hips, you can extend the knee in front of the foot.

Move both hands on your hips. Start lowering your hips slowly. For full extension of the hip flexor, try to gently open the chest and bend backwards. Take 5 deep breaths. Then enter and exit dynamically several times and stop for a few breaths again. Remember to perform anjaneyasana on both sides.

Lower the chest down. Try to keep your back straight, your stomach retracted. If you feel your back is getting round and you are unable to put your stomach on your thigh, bend your knee.

Focus on pulling the chest forward. Stay in this position for 5 breaths. Then start dynamically entering and leaving this position several times. Finally, stay in this asana for a few breaths again. Make symmetrical on both sides.


Step 2: Ardha Hanumanasana, or half the twine – stretch the back of the legs

From the Anjaneyasana position, move the body weight backwards. Place the hip above the knee. The front leg is straightened, lift your toes up and push the heel out. On the exhale 3 steps – how to prepare to hanumanasana.


Step 3: we stretch the quadriceps thighs

From the position of Anyanejasana. Raise your hind leg up. Grasp your foot with the opposite hand. Slowly start pulling the heel to the buttock while twisting the chest toward the foot.

Stay in this position for a few breaths. Then try to bring the heel closer to the buttock. Perform this position on both sides.


Try it – Hanumanasana

You are ready to try the split. I suggest you enter this position with Ardha Hanumanasana. Take your time slowly. Stay where you feel work but don’t hurt your body. Nothing force the way. Good luck!

5 big steps you will try to approach the splits – that is Hanumanasana’s position.
If you are also ready to take such a step in your practice – join the challenge.


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