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How do you stand on your hands? Here are 8 FREE yoga lessons!

How do you stand on your hands? Here are 8 FREE yoga lessons!


How do you stand on your hands? Here are 8 FREE yoga lessons!

Yogi, there is a real challenge ahead of you – how to make a standing on your hands, or Adho Mukha Vrksasana!

Yogi, there is a real challenge ahead of you – how to make a standing on your hands, or Adho Mukha Vrksasana!

To stand up, you only need to do two things: consistently overcome fear and practice!

Remember, everything is in your head, all you have to do is leave the comfort zone – real MIRACLES are just behind it!

The practice of standing on your arms is a huge achievement!


What’s more, it is incredibly used for body posture, strength and flexibility.

Standing upside down allows free flow of blood to the head and upper body, giving us renewed energy, increased concentration, but also a sense of peace.

You also gain confidence in your body and much more confidence!

How to prepare for standing on your hands? Here are 8 free lessons!

Below you will find 8 FREE yoga lessons with our teacher Magdalena Bałdys , which are a great warm-up and introduction to Adho Mukha Vrksasana.

Each subsequent lesson will strengthen your body and mind. You will work on stronger hands, strong abdominal muscles and spine, greater sense of balance and awareness of your body.


Before practice, warm up your body (e.g., Greeting to the Sun ) and take care of stretching your wrists (below are some practical exercises for your wrists)!

Ready? Get Ready!

Lesson 1: Take care of your wrists

To start with, take care of your wrists – learn to warm them up and stretch.

Below are some examples of exercises that will help you prepare for the next lesson and stand on your hands .

Lesson 2: Strengthen your hands

At the beginning Magda will show you how to strengthen her hands. It is on them that your entire body weight will rest, so let them gain power!

Remember that this practice will also be a great introduction to other balance positions, which you may want to do in the future.

Lesson 3: Strengthen your spine in the Board Position

After the session to strengthen your hands, it’s time for another practice to get your hands on your feet. Magda will show you how to perform Kumbhakasana (Board Position), but … against the wall! Did you know this variant of this item?

By exercising this way, you strengthen the muscles that surround your spine. A strong spine is a solid foundation on which your body will hold its vertical when standing on your arms.


Remember, every practice is also an opportunity to establish closer contact with your body. Respect your body, when you enter another asana, listen to the subtle signals it sends you.

Sometimes it may not be ready for the next step and the full version of asana. But slowly, learn your body and deepen your position step by step.

Lesson 4: Find balance in the Eagle Position

As you probably know, the practice of standing on your hands is to maintain balance and balance your body so that, in combination with your breath, it stays upright for as long as possible.

That is why this lesson teaches you the practical art of keeping balance in the Eagle Position (Garudasana).

In this practice, find your body awareness in space, build confidence and learn to sense your center of gravity.

Repeat this exercise for the other leg. Breathe slowly and deeply … good luck!

Lesson 5: Strengthen your abdominal muscles

During this lesson, you will work with Magda on a strong belly to properly straighten up and stand in the arms position.


The abdomen is a key area of ​​your body – when you balance your arms, the abdominal muscles’ micromobility keep your body in balance!

So let’s get to work!

Lesson 6: Gain body awareness

Through this lesson, you will deepen your body awareness in space in the Parsva Utkatasana position, or the Inverted Chair. Do you already know this asana?

By regularly practicing this position you will build confidence in balancing and learn to look for your center of gravity. And all this in order to break the barrier of fear of falling and believe in your own strength when Standing on Hands.

Good luck!

Lesson 7: Gain confidence in a standing up position

How’s the challenge going? We’re almost at the finish …

And now you will do Head Standing … with a side turn!

It’s a real confidence training. Direct your attention to the search for the center of gravity in this position. Be fully aware of your body during right and left turns – YOU control your body!

Remember, all the work is really in your head – see how much your body can do when you stop believing in your own limitations and start at your own abilities!


When leaving the position, do not get up too quickly, enter Balasana for a few moments .

Good luck with this asana … and in a moment the Grand Finale!

Lesson 8: The Grand Finale: stand up!

Yogis … it’s time to break the fear and try to stand up. In this lesson, Magda will show you 2 ways to approach this position.

Remember – stay focused, trust yourself, but also listen to what your body tells you.

If you still need to work on your position, that’s okay – it will work soon 🙂
Even at the moment where you are now, we are proud of you!

Editor Team

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