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5 Tricks To Maintain Motivation During Independent Yoga Practice in India

5 Tricks To Maintain Motivation During Independent Yoga Practice in India

Yoga Teacher Training India Shalabhasana

5 Tricks To Maintain Motivation During Independent Yoga Practice in Rishikesh India

Practice yoga at home and you will gain independence. No matter where you are or what changes are taking place around you – with well-established practice, you will be like an “unshakable” mountain. You will not always have the luxury and pleasure to participate in yoga classes outside of the home, although of course it is a great way to learn how to properly position the body in asanas, or an opportunity to exchange experiences with other students or just time to have fun.

Maybe you have many kilometers to the nearest yoga school, maybe you can’t get there? Home practice will allow you to feel healthy regardless of the circumstances. The start is simple, and to keep motivation in practice, just a few small tricks.

1. Set a minimum for each day

Even if it is to be 15 minutes of practice – let it become an iron rule . So much and so much – this is your practice. Promise yourself, promise others and keep your promises. Start with short sequences (small steps method).

Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to “adhere” to your resolution and practice with a positive attitude, without feeling guilty when one day you don’t have enough time or energy.

2. Create the right conditions

Give priority to your practice. Book a special place and set the exact start time. Come to your yoga studio, let the unfolded waiting mat or romantic music, candle, inspirational photo in a visible place encourage you. Anything that attracts you to your place. Absolutely turn off the phone, TV, computer.

Ask the household for these 15 minutes just for yourself; let them respect your private time – it’s only a quarter and the home world will not collapse without you.

3. Stick to the set sequence

A daily set of the same asanas is an effective way to stick to practice. Character and sequencing, for example Ashtanga or Vinyasa Yoga , offers just such repetitiveness (you can also arrange a tailor-made sequence with your teacher).

You don’t have to invent a new sequence every time, thanks to which you will be more likely to jump on the mat and focus on breathing, holding bandhs and drsti points , and you will just enjoy the movement instead of frantically figuring out what to do next. Repeatability is also a great tool for observing your body – you can easily see progress and capture changes. It will also make it easier to enter concentration.

Yoga Teacher Training India Shalabhasana

4. Go to the workshop

This is an ideal method to work intensively on the technique, deepen the practice and shed light on areas requiring more attention. In addition, you will gain insight into other ways of working in asanas, and you will certainly find motivation and inspiration to continue your yoga journey.

You will meet other yoga lovers at home , which will certainly be an injection of motivation for you – if others can practice, so will you.

5. Inspire yourself

An endless source of inspiration can be the Internet, yogi portals, instructional videos , photos. Whatever motivates you properly – let it become an element of practice . Read blogs, websites devoted to yoga, learn from online courses. On the Internet you will find plenty of materials and courses specifically targeted at people exercising at home.

Some are based on building a community that supports students – it’s a great way to gain support in your practice and lots of valuable, professional advice on problems that bother you. Just don’t be afraid to search and ask!

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