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30 days of yoga exercises for the abdomen

30 days of yoga exercises for the abdomen

yoga exercises for the abdomen

30 days of yoga exercises for the abdomen

Yoga exercises for the abdomen are a proposal of the calendar that you can print and hang over the desk. It will remind you of regular practice.

Well-being and attitude have a real impact on body tensions and health. If you get upset or stress too often, you hurt yourself and your health.

Therefore, stress, nervousness or uncertainty often manifests in abdominal pain. And for stomach problems, among other things, exercise and oxygenation of the body are recommended.

It is always worth taking care of your belly, not only in summer. Regularly repeated and well-chosen asanas will restore your internal and external balance, strengthen your muscles and make your stomach look great.

yoga exercises for the abdomen

By strengthening your belly, you are strengthening yourself! Physically, mentally and in life.


The motivation for abdominal exercises

Motivation – it’s readiness, movement, mental and physical processes that keep the body in a positive attitude to action and lead to it.

The word itself comes from Latin: motives, Motus, they mean: “moving”, “movement”.

In the motivation process, the direction of activity and focus on the goal – its positive dimensions – are important.

Therefore, ask yourself: why should you start practising yoga on your stomach?

How do I feel today with my body centre, and how do I want to feel in 30 days? Each day of success will help you achieve your dream inner and outer condition. Start strengthening your belly today with our 30-day calendar.

A lot of effort awaits you, a lot of inspiration, knowledge and learning new asanas. You will get tired, but these effects will be visible after a month. You will enjoy a flat stomach and a stronger back. It is worth using ready-made motivation programs for yoga exercises and practice. What is best for you?


Advantages of yoga practice for the stomach


  • You will strengthen the stomach and spine muscles.
  • The body will become more elastic and your skin firm.
  • You will carve a stomach. How about a radiator?
  • You won’t slouch anymore because belly asanas shape your posture. This way you will “grow” even by 1cm
  • You will relax and gain energy to act
  • You will feel better, calmer and more confident
  • You will improve the balance
  • Your sex life will become more interesting – did you know that yoga and in this area positively mixed up?

Advantages of yoga practice for the stomach

Your stomach workout program

We have prepared a proposal for the stomach – this time it is a Calendar for 30 days of practice (with materials free for everyone and additional for users of the Internet, which you can join at any time). Each day on the calendar is another gift for your centre.

You will practice with Basia Lipska-Larsen, learn more about health and the role of the abdomen in yoga during life with Magda Bałdys, improve your tree position, learn simple diet tricks and learn new asanas.

You will change for the better thanks to the 21-day challenge “Power Belly” under the guidance of Ulla Wilczyńska-Kalak. And all in 30 days!

Regular practice will bear fruit!

To go to the practice, click on the box with the selected day. Print and mark every day of success! Good luck and see you on the mat!

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